MELTDOWN ALERT: Liberal Pollsters Predict Democrats MIGHT NOT Take Back the House

The liberal midterms meltdown have the potential to outdo even the 2016 meltdowns – only this time many fear how far the Democrats will go – they’re so violent and unhinged… angry radical mob.

New polling is showing that Democrats may not retake the House – the blue wave is a drip, especially thanks to how the Democrats tried to destroy a good man – Judge Kavanaugh and upend our processes and turn our democracies into a chaotic joke.

What will the Democrats do?

Hillary Clinton said the only way “civility” will return, is if Democrats are allowed to win.

Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen. Get out and vote and make sure every single Trump supporter you know is ready to vote. These midterms are as important as 2016. Everything is on the line, and if we don’t get out and vote, our country will be ruined.

Town Hall

So, with Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court after a hellacious confirmation battle, it’s no shocker that liberals are angry. They lost. We won. Regardless, Democrats losing means it was a great day in America. Still, we’ve heard about the blue wave, the hyper-Democratic voter enthusiasm, and how some revolution will begin now that Kavanaugh has been seated, undoubtedly constrained to the most liberal parts of the country. The generic ballot advantage has favored the Democratic Party all year, though, in recent weeks, the Left’s character assassination campaign against Kavanaugh has energized Republicans like never before. Republican women are furious over this smear campaign, and they’re ready to punish Democrats for it. Not all women, indeed.

Now, with the GOP base just as animated, it’s now confirmed that the Democrats’ “destroy Kavanaugh” campaign wasn’t a brilliant kill shot; it was a dirty bomb that blew up in their faces. Pollsters from The New York Times, CBS News, and FiveThirtyEight are giving rather measured analyses on the upcoming midterm election, which are 29 days away. In short, the Democrats could fall short in retaking the House. With the GOP in better shape for the Senate races, which has always been the case, the fact that the Left could fail in their titanic endeavor would be another meltdown of epic proportions; one that I want to happen so desperately. Mr. Pollowitz at Twitchy compiled the threads.

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