Maxine Waters Pulls Out Her Most Desperate Move Yet to Keep the ‘Blue Wave’ Alive

It seems as if the Democrat Party – led by Maxine Waters – are always out of step with reality.

From the constant declarations of impeachment that never panned out to the so-called Russia collusion that would end in President Trump being perp-walked out of the White House, nothing ever goes as planned for the loser Democrats.

It’s mainly because they don’t look at facts…They only go on emotion. Take for example Maxine Waters, who is now claiming that the Republicans are “very scared” of a BLUE WAVE taking over Congress….when all FACTS show the “blue wave” is either very over-hyped or totally non-existent.


Sunday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said Republicans were “very scared” of the so-called “blue wave” in the midterm elections.

On Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, Waters said, He has been a target for some time. Not only do you have the Russians involved in this, but the president made it clear he wanted this investigation stopped. And he’s done everything that he could possibly do except quite step over that red line to get Mueller. So it is not surprising. I think that this election is a crucial and critical election for this country. And I think that the Republicans are very scared that somehow there is going to be a blue wave.”

She added, “And I think there is collusion. I have said this for a long time. I believe there is collusion in order to undermine the Democrats so that the Republicans can remain in power.”

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