Gregg Jarrett Nails Down the #1 Reason Why Rosenstein Should Immediately STEP DOWN

How on earth is disgraced Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein still allowed to oversee the Russia witch-hunt? Especially after the story of him wanting to wear a wire to entrap President Trump has bee corroborated by congressional testimony by the former Chief Counsel to the FBI, James Baker.

Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett is horrified that Rosenstein, with all his rumored anti-Trump bias, and the FISA scandal he is a part of, is still in charge of the probe that is literally “going after” and trying to destroy our America First President.

Sara Carter

It’s hard to believe that hopelessly conflicted Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is still overseeing the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election and alleged Russian “collusion” with the Trump presidential campaign.

President Trump said this week he has no plans to fire Rosenstein. That’s too bad. And apparently, Attorney General Jeff Sessions – who seems perpetually missing in action and clueless – also has no plans to give Rosenstein a well-deserved termination of his employment, or to at least remove Rosenstein from supervision of the Mueller probe.

Rosenstein’s suspected misconduct and malfeasance, compounded by clearly disqualifying blatant conflicts of interest, demand that he step aside from overseeing the Mueller investigation. No one can have confidence in the credibility and integrity of any report on the Mueller probe with Rosenstein at the helm.

The latest evidence that Rosenstein is appallingly compromised comes from former FBI General Counsel James Baker. Baker reportedly told Congress last week that Rosenstein was “serious” when he proposed secretly recording the president to try to gain damaging information about him.

Rosenstein allegedly also talked about soliciting others to secretly record the president. But that’s not all. According to Baker, Rosenstein was also “serious” when he discussed recruiting Cabinet members to depose Trump under the 25th Amendment, in what would amount to an attempted palace coup.

The New York Times reported Sept. 21 that Rosenstein “suggested last year that he secretly record President Trump in the White House to expose the chaos consuming the administration” and discussed “recruiting cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Mr. Trump from office for being unfit.”

Rosenstein responded that “The New York Times’s story in inaccurate and factually incorrect.”

So how does Baker know that The New York Times story was in fact accurate?

Two people who implicated Rosenstein are former top officials at the FBI. They are Andrew McCabe, who was later fired as assistant FBI director, but was acting FBI director when Rosenstein’s machinations are said to have occurred. This happened right after disgraced FBI Director James Comey was fired on May 9, 2017.

The other person who implicated Rosenstein is Lisa Page, the FBI lawyer who resigned in May, shortly after she was implicated in the Justice Department inspector general’s investigation into official misconduct during both the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails and the Russia probe.

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