Early Voting Started Today in Texas and One MAGA Voter Noticed Something AWESOME

Early voting is kicking off today in Texas!

This is also the day that President Trump is holding a massive rally for Ted Cruz in Houston.

A reported 100 thousand people have signed up for the rally, in a building that only holds 18 thousand.

There’s so much excitement and enthusiasm, that they’re now holding a “MAGA tailgate” party outside.

That excitement is also showing up at the polls – as one proud Texas MAGA supporter pointed out as she waited in line…This Trump supporter was there for the presidential election and she says today, it looks just like 2016!


That’s great news, Mary!

Its’ a red storm rising. Make sure you and every Trump supporter you know gets out and votes in the midterms. There’s no excuse to sit this out. We need everyone. Everything we’ve worked for is on the line. You must show up and vote straight GOP!

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