Clueless Dem Insults EVERY Military Member by Wanting to Give Strzok a PURPLE HEART

Disgraced anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok testified before Congress on Thursday.

Strzok’s testimony was a disaster. He was tripped up at nearly every turn, and he was also caught in several lies.

The only time agent Strozk had any semblance of control, was when he was pontificating after the lines of questions were over, in damage control mode.

From Breitbart

Tennessee Democrat Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) told disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok during a hearing with the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees that he should be awarded a Purple Heart, an award reserved for those in the armed services wounded in combat.

Cohen told Strzok he deserved a Purple Heart for surviving attacks from Republicans during the hearing on Thursday focused on text messages he sent to FBI lawyer Lisa Page that showed bias against President Trump.

“If I could give you a Purple Heart, I would. You deserve one,” Cohen said. “This has been an attack on you, in a way to attack Mr. Mueller, in the investigation that is to get at Russia collusion involved in our election.”

There has been no evidence of collusion with Russia nearly two years after the FBI began investigating the Trump campaign.

Last month, however, the Justice Department inspector general found that Strzok’s messages showed evidence of a “biased state of mind” and a “willingness to act.”

During the hearing, Democrats repeatedly tried to interfere with Republicans questioning Strzok, using points of order, raising motions, interruptions, and other delay tactics.

Cohen then went on a tirade, calling the investigation into Strzok and potential FBI bias a “ruse.”

“This is the most corrupt administration ever that’s going to be exposed by Robert Mueller, thank God,” Cohen said.

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