Bette Midler Labels Trump a ‘Murderer’ in Expletive Laden Twitter Meltdown

Actress Bette Midler is having a meltdown on Twitter.

The liberal actress and activist is lashing out over a number of things that she blames President Trump for – from the rising of the oceans to genders.

In an unhinged tweet storm, Midler accused Trump of being a murder and destroying the planet as we know it.

Hmm. Does this sound like someone who is about to WIN big with a “blue wave?”


Actress Bette Midler said the world is “under siege” from “murderers” like President Donald Trump in a tweet sent Monday.

“Ooooh, here’s today’s #TINY distraction! There’s transgenders among us,! SURPRISE! and #dumbkopfTrumpkopf wants to make sure… well he’s not sure what, but he’ll figure it out soon! Meanwhile the world is coming under siege from murderers, plunderers like him. VOTE 2018” Bette Midler tweeted.

The 72-year-old’s penchant for crazed rhetoric has been well-documented.

Midler said that people will “burn, down, or starve” from climate change earlier this month.

“Morning TV dedicates time to the new UN #ClimateChangeReport, and it’s dire, dire dire. But #PresidentMarcos, I mean #Trump, doesn’t give a shit. I guess science was not his strong suit, nor is it the strength of the bums he surrounds himself with. You’ll burn, drown or starve,” she said.

“The only time #trump will pay attention is whenthe roof of Mar-a-Lago blows off, and the waves are lapping at the first tee,” she followed up.

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