Avenatti Tries to Call Out Grassley’s Credentials, Gets Instantly HUMILIATED by an Official Senate Tweet

When will Michael Avenatti learn that he can’t win against the righteous forces on the right?

He’s terribly narcissistic and very thin-skinned, so probably never – and that spells good news for us since he’s a total carnival sideshow.

The “Creepy Porn Lawyer” just suffered yet another humiliating blow, after he tried to slam Judiciary Committee leader Chuck Grassley.

Avenatti, who has the reputation of being a third-rate “ambulance chasing” lawyer, went after Grassley for not being a lawyer.

The carnival barker suggested that the reason the committee was in “shambles” and didn’t believe his debunked client (her story fell apart after her disastrous NBC interview), all because he was not a lawyer…..

However, the Senate Judiciary Twitter account swatted Avenatti with ease, as they pointed out that the lead Democrat, Dianne Feinstein, who Avenatti loves, is also NOT a lawyer.

Ha ha ha!

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