After Khashoggi’s Death, April Ryan Hints That the Same Thing Could Happen Under Trump

According to CNN pundit April Ryan, the U.S. is not “safe” for reporters, since the death of a Muslim Brotherhood activist and blogger was murdered in a Saudi Arabia embassy in Turkey.

Apparently, THAT incident has direct ramifications for our so-called “reporters.”

Ryan thinks it’s as “dangerous” here in American for journalists, as it is in Turkey or Saudi Arabia.

Yes, I can see how she’d think that, after watching Jim Acosta be booed to death at a Trump rally.

Daily Caller

Journalist April Ryan made the claim that the United States is not safe for journalists during a discussion of a Washington Post columnist who was killed in Turkey.

The remarks came during a discussion on the murder of Jamal Khashoggi at Politicon Sunday evening and featured Axios’s Jonathan Swan and Breitbart’s Alex Marlow.

“It’s infinitely safer here [in the US] for a journalist,” said Swan.

“It’s not safe here for journalists,” replied Ryan, leading Swan to ask “You don’t think it’s safer here than Saudi Arabia or Turkey?”

Marlow then mocked Ryan’s comments by saying she was “a character of Breitbart,” which sparked a fierce back-and-forth between the two.

Politicon is an annual convention in Los Angeles featuring various journalists, pundits, and politicians. The event took place Saturday and Sunday.

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